We care for your dolls so you can use them again for play or display, offer them for sale, or give them as special gifts to those you love.

What we can do:

Clean dolls of all types.

Repair doll bodies and restring them when parts are loose.

Clean and restyle wigs or replace them if needed.

Clean and repair original clothing.

Create new clothing from vintage patterns and quality accessories.

Give a free estimate of costs before we begin work.

Blue ribbon girl sm

Every doll is unique. The care provided will vary with the age and condition of your doll. We aim to preserve integrity and value, providing the minimum care and repair needed to return your doll to gift quality.

Your older dolls may have been in storage for decades. Now they can have a new life as a highlight of your own collection, or as a unique gift for a friend or relative.

White dress 100 1827 sm
Your dolls are returned to you, beautifully packaged with acid-free tissue in a gift box.

We include instructions on how to display your dolls and protect them in long-term storage.

Banana hat 100 1821 sm

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